The world is in need of a new generation of leaders. Leaders who have the courage to break through the boundaries and question everything around them. Society is yearning for bold and enthusiastic women and men to provide the necessary leadership that will be required for the next leap forward.

For me, I was living in two parallel universes – at least it seemed that way. One universe had me covering the news cycle on national radio and television. As a news commentator and host there was no shortage of bad news to go around – I know I reported on it. There is far too much truth to the phrase – ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ They say bad news sells, not positive news or encouraging stories that improve our lives. My goal is to challenge this notion.

My other universe centered on all these exciting and inspiring stories of people that were finding themselves on the brink of some life decision that might transform their life, and that would ultimately give hope back to the human race. There are so many underreported stories that need to be highlighted in the news. People that need to be celebrated and cherished.

It was back in June 2010 that I made the leap myself from corporate boardrooms to the radio mic and television camera. I knew that this other universe had ‘real people’ stories that needed to be told. I’ve discovered since then – there is more good and positive happening across our nation and around the world than the media outlets would have you believe. Brink Thinking ® was born as a platform to showcase the greatness that thrives in so many of us.

People ask me – What is Brink Thinking? ®

Brink Thinkers are regular people like you and I who have learned to persist, expand and nurture our thoughts to create unparalleled results. Every thought has the potential for greatness. The secret is to take that thought all the way to the brink!

BRINK THINKING ® is all encompassing.

On the brink of societal change.

The brink of courage or bravery.

The brink of helping others live a more purposeful life.

The brink of lessons learned and now valued.

The brink of peace in the world.

The brink of death just before life.

The brink of undying determination under great obstacles.

The brink of victim turned victor.

The brink of possibilities and not despair.

The brink of saving lives.

The brink of invention.

The brink of positive attitudes that give hope.

The brink of never stopping until the realization of your goal.

Knowing when to break through the boundaries of average to question the unquestionable is the sign of greatness. It’s those moments when you get to the absurd stage that things truly get interesting.

The journey to get to the BRINK can be unpredictable, but knowing you’re at the BRINK – that is genius my friends!

Thank you for stopping by, come back often and tell others!

Founder, Malcolm Out Loud