If you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease you intimately know the frustrations that come with the emotionally draining journey down memory loss. Emma Yang grew restless watching her grandmother suffer and made a bold move to help her and other patients remember important dates, events, people and information by developing an app called Timeless.

Fearless and inspired to find solutions to the common problems of this debilitating mind disease, she started thinking about the problems she witnessed with her grandmother. She also spoke with dozens of elderly victims to ensure the app addressed common difficulties for patients and caregivers. The app is simple, easy to use and it allows patients to stay connected with family members.

Emma’s solutions-oriented programming demonstrates her keen ability to use her critical thinking skills. With patients, remembering passwords would be a challenge, so the Timeless app is opened using finger print touch id. It is also common for dementia patients to repeatedly call a person, so this app addresses that problem by alerting the patient if they recently called their caregiver. There are a multitude of facial recognition features that give a patient the ability to remember their family members.

This bright and shining star was the recipient of one of the “Ten Under Twenty” innovation awards at the 2016 CE Week conference. Last year she was granted the Michael Perelstein Discover Your Passion Scholarship to bankroll her heartfelt project. Her innovative spirit will help over 44 million people who suffer with dementia to live better lives and is due to release the app by the end of the year. We are sure to see more come from this inspiring young girl, as she hopes to study computer science in the future. It looks like she has a head start on her plans to use technology to solve common problems.

The Next Leap Forward

Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. We all remember being in school and using our memory skills to pass the big test. Problem is we never retained any of it. If you think and understand in those terms, then it’s easy to understand that this applies to all areas of our lives. The difference is in how we tackle the challenge using our wit and developing strategical theories to solve the problem. Young Emma Yang discovered a problem that needed solving – she put her mind to the task at hand, and not only solved the problem for her grandmother, but potentially a generation of dementia sufferers.