You can’t always explain how miracles happen. You just have to believe in them.

Gena and Scott Doss were praying for such a miracle for their daughter, Roxli Doss.

Roxli was diagnosed last June with an inoperable brain tumor, called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG.

There is no cure for DIPG; it is a fatal disease. “It is very rare, but when we see it, it is a devastating disease,” says Dr. Harrod. “You have decreased ability to swallow, sometimes vision loss, decreased ability to talk, eventually difficulty with breathing.”

Yet without any explanation, months later, it was gone.

Dr. Virginia Harrod with Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas explains, “When I first saw Roxli’s MRI scan, it was actually unbelievable. The tumor is undetectable on the MRI scan, which is really unusual.”

The Next Leap Forward

A miracle is nothing more than a strong belief system. I don’t believe they are casual. You have to want it with all your soul, and yet still, there are no guarantees. I’ve often wonder why some miracles are granted, and yet others fall short. Did they not want it bad enough? Just how random are these miracles?

We each have an inner strength that has herculean abilities. Some choose not to use it. There does not have to be a reason why. It just is. And then there are those that can move mountains and change the world.

We can not easily explain the unexplainable. But we can believe.