A life of trauma and tragedy transformed into a warrior against sexual abuse and violence; a beacon for truth, hope and knowledge. Dr. Gregory Williams is a most unusual man. Most anyone would run and hide from the sheer embarrassment of a tortured childhood – from the hands of a father completely out-of-control.

He remembers seeing the front cover of the famous Sears catalog at just four years old as a pivotal moment in time. This was the first remembrance of being sexually abused by his dad.

The abuse was a daily occurrence. There were even times his father would bring friends in to take-part in the rape. As he explains in our ‘brink talk,’ his dad wasn’t the only family member to violate young Gregory.

It went on for twelve more years, until at the age of seventeen, he finally found the courage to tell his dad to STOP.

He would keep this to himself for the next 35 years, never whispering a word to a single soul.

While at a presentation in 2015, he unexpectedly told the audience “You know, I was abused as a kid.”

No sooner did the words leave his mouth; when the self-doubt began. “Nobody’s going to like me, nobody’s going to care about me, everybody’s going to shun me, nobody’s going to talk to me anymore, my family is going to alienate me,” thought Williams, “I’ll be totally alone.”

The complete opposite happened as people started lining-up to talk to him about their own experiences and hidden-truths.

The Next Leap Forward

Approximately 20 percent of girls (1 in 5) and 8 percent of boys (1 in 12.5) will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. 95 percent of sexually abused children will be abused by someone they know and trust.

Dr. Gregory Williams is now on a mission of a lifetime. A message of healing and restoration after abuse.

Williams shares life-changing lessons learned from his years of abuse along with insight to survivors who are dealing with their own inner pain and doubts. He teaches survivors the keys to overcoming past abuses, traumatic events, and major setbacks.

His story will inspire you and help you discover the secret to conquering your own personal darkness and begin turning your negative into a positive!

Brink Notes:
Website: https://shatteredbythedarkness.com/

Dr. Gregory Williams has written a book that chronicles his lifelong journey of child abuse and its aftermath. Dr. Gregory unveils the horrors of what happened to him throughout his entire childhood. His book recounts the sexual exploitation he endured at the hands of his own father.

Book: Shattered By The Darkness: Putting the Pieces Back Together After Child Abuse