The cost to properly have car-seat restraints on your child in Cedar Park, Texas is $100 for the base fine, and $104 for the court costs. If you have 3 children in the car you can triple those costs.

That’s what one father was faced with when he was pulled over by Texas police officer Justin Gower for a malfunctioning light and expired registration. He remembered from other officers in the department that the family was having financial difficulties. 

Officer Gower was disturbed to see that the man’s three young daughters were sitting in the back seat without car-seats on. “I was upset because it’s extremely dangerous, I have kids and I know how fragile they are, especially how young these kids were.,” said Gower. 

What happened next – changed everything! Instead of hitting the family with all these fines – when they were having difficulties already. Gower and Hawkins decided to get with the other police officers back at the department – they all chipped in to buy three new car-seats for the girls (1-year-old, 3-year-old and 4-year-old).

“We just kind of stepped off to the side and said we need to do the right thing and get these people some car seats,” said his partner Officer Cale Hawkins. “They’re trying to get things going, they’re going in the right direction, and to issue them citations for each child, would just devastate them,” Gower said.

The Next Leap Forward

The cost of a ticket for not putting your child in a car seat varies from town to town, but the overall cost can spike into the hundreds of dollars. And then there are the points on your license – which impacts the cost you pay for automobile insurance and so forth.

Even more important than all of this – is the life of your child.

The men and women in blue go to extraordinary lengths every hour of every day across our great nation. Yet mass media prefers to criminalize the entire group of law enforcement professionals.

Yet I wonder exactly who these talking heads call when they need emergency assistance?