One of the most incredible images and stories to surface in a very long time is none other than the image of 8 year old Martin Richard holding a sign that said, “No more hurting people. Peace” What an astounding symbol of maturity, hope, and leadership – and from an 8 year old mind you! Ironically, it was this remarkable 8 year old leader who was killed by the second of two bombs that exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line in April 2013. Martin’s younger sister lost a leg and Bill and Denise, his parents, were also injured.

Hasbro Inc. and Points of Light, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service have partnered together with The Martin Richard Foundation to create the Martin Richard Bridge Builder campaign. The foundation’s purpose is to encourage children ages 5 through 18 to spread peace through service projects and acts of kindness.

“Our son Martin was able to recognize at a very young age the importance of reaching people about togetherness and inclusion, and we are hopeful that this campaign will help inspire kids and teens across the country to do the same,” Bill and Denise Richard said in a press release.

The Next Leap Forward

How is it that an 8 year old can understand the concept of peace, yet leaders from around the world have no concept of the word? I’ve asked myself that question many times since this tragic event back in 2013. It’s such a tragic story and a life that was cut way too short. Yet, I have to believe that Martin Richard was needed in heaven for some heavy lifting, and that his work here was complete. Of course if I’m Denise or Bill Richard – the context of this tragedy would never be understood.

Listen, I have a special place in my heart for Martin Richard (wish I could have met the young lad) as well as Bill, Denise, Jane & Henry. This family has endured more than any family should. Let me suggest to you that this family is a symbol of all that is great about America. I salute them and honor them with my admiration and respect. Most importantly be sure to honor Martin’s wishes and legacy:

“No more hurting people. Peace”

Here is a short video and some important links:


Martin Richard Holding PEACE Sign