It was a scene most of us will hopefully never see in our lifetime! Dozens of people leaving a Christmas party event on a beautiful afternoon – with their hands raised upward, while walking quickly through a narrow corridor in any office building in America. The police officer tasked with bringing the workers to safety recognized that people were in fear for their lives – what he said next made all the difference… (video link)

“Try to relax, try to relax. I’ll take a bullet before you do, that’s for damn sure.”

San Bernardino County, California, sheriff’s Detective Jorge Lozano, who told survivors of the mass shootings that he would ‘take a bullet before you do,’ at a news conference at San Bernardino police headquarters.

We know that the San Bernardino Police Department, the San Bernardino Sheriff Department and California Highway Patrol – did what they always do – they wake up every morning, leave their families, head off to work, wait for the next emergency, and then without hesitation – they respond to whatever situation they’re confronted with – period.

“We couldn’t ask for a more effective response,” stated San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis. “They (law enforcement) did their job. They did it with deliberation. They met the challenge and they will continue to do the best that they can.”

In a word – HEROIC! Every hour of every day, police officers take ‘that bullet’ to protect the people of this country. The tragic event in San Bernardino, CA should remind each of us – just how important a role – police officers play in our lives.

Yet, when you listen to the media narratives in recent months – you come away believing that somehow – they’re the enemy.

The Next Leap Forward

The time is upon us to change the dialogue – to stand up for law enforcement, and bring a more truthful narrative to the consciousness of our thinking and our conversations. If each one of us thanks a police officer, congratulates a sheriff, applauds a law enforcement official – perhaps this will create a newfound energy to change the talking points in our cafes, our playgrounds, our schools, and on every street corner, coast to coast.

Cheap shot and media ratings – that’s the motive of so many that have ridiculed, bullied and propagandized the American Police Officer.

What do you say we start a new conversation?

One that emphasizes an appreciation of the commitment, courage and bravery that is exuded in every town and city in America.