“It’s like you getting to your destination and your legs are missing or your legs are broken or injured and you can’t get around,” say Larry Dodson.

Larry Dodson is a Vietnam vet. He’s a quadriplegic who has experienced firsthand the basic disregard and care for his wheelchair via the airlines and airports.

It all changed on December 4, 2018, because of Dodson’s perseverance, airlines will now have to change the way they track, and report damaged and lost wheelchairs to the Department of Transportation.

As a result, this gives people with disabilities access to new information, so they don’t feel powerless, and they can make better decisions in which airline they chose.

This inspirational story reveals true clarity of how a fork in the road could carve out even a 3rd path, that is so gracious to its host. Larry Dodson, who serves as the Secretary of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, carved out a new path for not only himself, but for all people with disabilities, who use a mobility device when they fly.

Larry’s good heart, registered to the people who needed it the most, and who never asked for his help, they just received his love.

This major change, will not only allow Larry to fly more regularly, but all people who use a wheelchair.

The Next Leap Forward

The foundation of who we think we are, is both limited and reserved for soul-bearing journey’s that come into our lives without permission, but with persistence, until one reaches the state of wanting to make a difference.

Each day we could all make a difference and begin a new journey. A new journey can begin, and can carve out a river of greatness, in every single mountain or valley. The river flow feeds not just one person’s hungry soul, but many hungry souls that are one.

“I could be you and you could be me. Please pass me to you and you to me”.

The heart of love,
Is the love that
Keeps the world
Full of love.