“Hit by a bus one morning, I nearly died.

I was in a coma, stayed at the hospital for two years and underwent 36 surgeries. I had to learn how to walk again.

After the tragedy I needed something to take me out of my pain and an objective to look forward to.

I didn’t want to pity myself, nor to be pitied. I needed to dream big!”

The story of May El-Khalil is a true life drama that will tug at your heart and fill your mind with possibilities.

In a moving talk, marathon founder May El-Khalil explains why she believed a 26.2-mile running event could bring together a country divided for decades by politics and religion, even if for one day a year.

Once you watch the less than ten minute video, I suspect you might actually be on your feet with applause by the end of her story.


May El-Khalil has founded the largest running event in the Middle East.

The Beirut International Marathon was founded as an instrument of peace. “Peacemaking is not a sprint, it’s more of a marathon,” says May.

The Next Leap Forward

When May El-Khalil found herself in the challenge of her life, she did not except this new normal… she needed to DREAM BIG and she did! Winners are made, not born. We’ve seen the champion overcome great obstacles in life. Less than perfect surroundings, a troubled childhood, bad luck, no breaks; for many the list can be quite extensive. Yet they’re still able to hone their skills and develop leadership traits that position them to win. Turning adversity in your life into a winning formula… is the mark of a champion!

1 – Never lose OPTIMISM in the heat of the battle. The pivotal point of a contest will require an unbridled concentration and flow of positive energy. The percentage of a positive outcome diminishes greatly with every negative thought. The power and importance of a positive mindset should never be doubted, especially during the crucial moment of the contest.

2 – You will never cross the finish line if PERSEVERANCE is not front and center in your actions. Even under great adversity, the champion pushes forward. A battle worth winning is a battle worth fighting for. Expect distractions and dissension along the journey, but don’t let these obstacles discourage your final outcome. Never give up, but know when to save your ammunition for another day.

3 – The ENDURANCE factor can never be overstated. Ones ability to withstand setbacks and recover from fatigue or trauma will provide an incredible advantage over the competition. In sports, the saying is to “leave it all on the field.” In war, the saying is to “leave it all on the battlefield.” Go into the contest knowing that you’ll give 110%. To endure is to outlast and outsmart an enemy who may seem bigger or smarter.

Optimism, Perseverance, and Endurance are “marks of a champion.” Leave it all on the “field of life,” win or lose.