Red Robin is known for it’s gourmet burgers and bottomless steak fries. It also has a knack for hiring caring and passionate servers, who are not only observant, but willing to dig deep into their own pockets to make a point.

And what a point server Jessica Dunbar made when she left that note to 9 officers at the restaurant! Instead of a bill, she left the officers a handwritten note of appreciation and paid their entire $123 tab for lunch.

“Officers, Your bill is on me today. I can’t imagine the day you all have had, let alone what you go through every day. I hope your days get better. So much respect.


Imagine your worse day on the job. A day that you would soon like to forget. That’s exactly what Jessica Dunbar observed when nine police officers arrived at the Red Robin in Polaris, Ohio. As Jessica engaged in conversation with the officers – she discovered the officers were grieving after attending the funeral of Columbus, Ohio SWAT Officer Steven Smith, after he was shot in the line of duty. Jessica knew firsthand that feeling – as her father is a retired police officer. “I just wanted to do something nice, you can’t put a dollar amount on making somebody happy.” 

The Next Leap Forward

Police officers have taken a bad rap since the Ferguson tragedy. In fact, the chaos in Baltimore was one of the lowest moments in law enforcement history in this country. Let’s be clear – the men and women who serve on the front lines right here at home – are to be celebrated, raised up, respected – for these are the heroes. These are your fathers, brothers, cousins, friends – they are the folks who risk their lives day in and day out, so that you and I can sleep at night.

What Jessica Dunbar did can not be measured in dollars and cents – but it can be measured in common sense! She went with her gut feeling, with no expectation that this deed would go viral. Jessica Dunbar is a prime example of what makes America – a nation where good will always triumphant over evil. What will your good deed be today?