“If you want true joy, you’ve got to stop looking at yourself,” says Luke Mickelson.

Mickelson knew something was missing in his life. It was time to get off the sofa and figure it out.

Back in 2012, it came to the attention of Mickelson through his Church, that some kids in the community were sleeping on the floor. He felt compelled to help the family out. Instead of buying a bed for the kids, he decided to take on the project of making the bed. So Mickelson and his own family, and church volunteers built the bed from lumber he picked up at the local store, and donated the bunk bed to the family.

“This little girl had a nest of clothes, it looked like a little bird’s nest. And that’s what she slept on, that’s what her bed was,” Mickelson said. “When we delivered the bed, she hugged it and just couldn’t let go.”

“That first project, we built 11 bunk beds in my garage,” he said. “The next year, we did 15. Then it doubled every year. In 2017, we built 612 bunk beds.” That feeling of changing a life, of giving back – changed everything. That is in fact what was missing.

The story of ‘Sleep in Heavenly Peace’ will inspire you, and move you to action in your own life.

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The Next Leap Forward

He was asked in a CNN interview how he was making ends meet; since he had quit his job and was not taking salary from the not-for-profit.

“I quit my job of 18 years because I wanted to do this full-time, or at least as much as I possibly could, because I knew the need was big. It just came to a point where I could see that my passion really is helping these kids. It was gratifying to see my kids and my family be involved with it and help them learn the value of service, but also seeing everybody else feel and see that joy from helping kids get off the floor. It’s contagious,” said Mickelson. “I was very fortunate to have another company offer me a job. Granted, I took a huge pay cut, but it helps me get by and helps me do what I need to do with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. They’re very understanding of what my passion is.”

“I found that the need I have isn’t financial,” he said. “The need I have is seeing the joy on kids’ faces, knowing that I can make a difference.”

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Luke Mickelson at work building beds