Brink of Greatness

The Brink of Greatness Wall of Fame Stories That Inspire

When it seems impossible, how do you push forward against such odds? How is it that some people intuitively understand the gravity of the decision they’re about to make? It can be the brink of courage, the brink of death just before life, the brink of victim turned victor, the brink of societal change, the brink of peace in the world. The journey to get to the BRINK can be unpredictable, but knowing you’re at the BRINK – is the sign of greatness!

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The 7 Golden Rules to arrive at the Brink of Greatness

1 – Your boundaries are 100% self-imposed by you. Be in charge of your own thoughts.

2 – Never settle for an average idea. Be exceptional and bold in your thinking and desires.

3 – Don’t follow, LEAD. Find alternative methods to break through the clutter.

4 – Question everything, the obvious and the not-so-obvious. What if? How come? Maybe, just maybe?

5 – Uniqueness is the golden rule. If everyone else is doing it, then don’t.

6 – Don’t panic when the idea seems absurd. Absurdity is oxygen for high flyers.

7 – Persistency. Take your idea to next-level thinking–all the way to the Brink of Greatness.