Brink Thinkers are people who have learned to nurture, persist and expand their thoughts to create unparalleled results. The brink of courage, the brink of death just before life, the brink of victim turned victor, the brink of societal change, the brink of peace in the world. The secret is to take that thought, that idea, all the way to the BRINK!

Larry Keim “It’s a great day IF I am able to…”

“How are you doing Larry?” Five simple words make up the typical greeting when you meet up with an old friend. It’s one of those rhetorical questions which generally doesn’t require a detailed response nor is one expected. Let’s be honest – a factually explicit answer would be more than most people can handle. Most of […]


James Robertson Walks 21 Miles To Work Everyday

James Robertson walks 21 miles round trip to his job every day. His round-trip commute also includes a bus ride for part of the journey – all of this consumes 22 hours a day – and James has the same 24 hours that you and I do. James Robertson is 56 years old, makes $10.55 […]


Pugh Brings Attention To Earth’s Oceans

Lewis Gordon Pugh has swam beyond the boundaries of even the worlds most gifted swimmers. Pugh doesn’t have an Olympic medal to show for his accomplishments. So why does he do it then? Pugh does it to accelerate the conversation on the health of our planet. He talks about his record-breaking swim across the North […]