“When you want to do something, you do it,” says 9-year-old Ricky Rodriguez who is diagnosed with Autism.

Even when their son Ricky was diagnosed with Autism, Guillermo and Erin Rodriguez didn’t put limitations on him, they loved him unconditionally, and this allowed Ricky to challenge his potential and excel in not only the game Scrabble, but beyond anyone’s expectation.

When not only one of their children was diagnosed with Autism, but 3 of them, it was certainly possible, that sorrow could have entered their heart very fast. When sorrow comes, some cries are short lived, and others are never-ending. Those spared of sorrow, can chose to accept their faith or fate, or return to the boiling pot of sorrow, and eventually have nothing more to give, because their inner flame has perished amongst the shadows of darkness.

This inspirational story reveals the unconditional love and loving kindness of a mother and father that were ready and steady to embrace all that is not, and turn it into a why not? Why not, be someone that could make a difference in a world that tells you there are limitations.

Guillermo and Erin Rodriguez were determined to push their son’s boundaries, and break through “closed doors”, and created a path for others who will do the same, if unconditional love can create a doorway that is wider than their narrow field of vision.

In January 2019, because of Ricky’s perseverance and competitive nature, he is going to a Scrabble tournament at Duke University. Ricky wants other children his age to realize their potential, and he hopes that the game of Scrabble might be in their future as well.

The Next Leap Forward

Life determines not only who we are, but what we are. The bottomless pit of dedicated people will become the next generation and the heroes of tomorrow’s troubles. Will you be the hope of the future? Will you be the one who makes our future brighter? Will you be the one who takes our future to a better place of love?

Life’s storage house of opportunities, are as limited as the distance between the sun and the moon, and unconditional love can be the vertical line that projects up and then out to save our children.

“I could be you and you could be me”.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love
is poetry to the heart.