If you were in need of a kidney transplant would you peruse the ads on Craigslist for that kidney? Even more so – who in their right mind would place an ad on Craigslist in search of a life-saving kidney?

It was the brilliant mind of Kay Saria. Kay put the ad up on Craigslist looking for a kidney for his wife Nina – who has been suffering from kidney failure due to an autoimmune disorder. 

More than a year with dialysis treatments and failed attempts with family and friends left the Saria’s in a most difficult position. With time running short – the not-so-obvious – quickly became ‘why not?!’ “My husband came up with the idea to put an ad on Craigslist,” Nina said. “I got a lot of prayers, but no one to donate. I wanted to give up, but Kay didn’t.”

Glenn Calderbank was looking on Craigslist when he was struck by an ad that got his attention – somebody was asking for a kidney for their wife. Calderbank knew this story all too well. His wife, Jessica died in 2011 of kidney failure.

“It was like the screen was talking to me,” he said. “I knew I was going to be a match for her. I thought about it, then emailed them and shared my story.” 

Talk about fate! Saria had listed the ad looking for a healthy kidney for his wife under construction materials by complete accident. “I was meant to see that ad,” Calderbank said, “I believe that Jessica somehow — or karma — whatever it is put that in the wrong spot because that’s the only place I go on the computer anyways.”

After looking at Glen Calderbank’s scrapbook from his own journey with his wife, and hearing his story, Nina Saria began to cry. “We talked for about an hour and when we were done talking I said, ‘OK. I decided I’m going to give you my kidney. I know I’m a match,” Calderbank told Saria. “I knew there was no way I saw that ad by accident. If there are angels, then my wife did this.”

The Next Leap Forward

Kay Saria was right. Never, never, never, give up! He didn’t want to give up – Nina was far too important to give up on!

If you want something bad enough – you have to keep pushing forward and let nothing deter you.

In this case it was life or death.

Sometimes it’s our career, could be a personal relationship or some big reward you’ve had your eye on for some time. No matter the circumstances, the rule is the same.

Countless people give up never really knowing if they would have made it to the realization of their goal. There are those who thought of giving up, came pretty close once or twice – but they didn’t give up – and they were rewarded for that determination.

Yes Glen, this was no doubt the work of an angel. Fantastic job brother!