“He disregarded his personal safety to go in and save the lives of the five children and a male adult,” says Christine Wirth, Support Services Manager with the Seagoville Police Department.

Officer Sam Click was patrolling the neighborhood when he was confronted with a life and death decision that would change everything. The duplex home was engulfed in flames as a neighbor was screaming for help. Realizing that there were people still inside the home fast asleep – Click called the fire department and sprang into action.

As the video shows and the police report confirms, Click had to go around to the backside of the home and break the windows and door, all within seconds of arriving at the property. Inside, he found the five children between the ages of 6 months and 10 years, and one adult.

“He believes in what the police officer stands for. He serves and protects, and that’s what he did, It was a courageous act,” Wirth said.


The Next Leap Forward

In this case, the next step forward was critical if there was to be a happy ending to what was a life threatening disaster. Officer Sam Click had no experience with fires but he knew he needed to move quickly if he was to save the family from the fire.

The men and women who wear the uniform ‘to serve and protect’ have an innate ability to put their own lives on the line day in and day out. But are we not all capable of such greatness?

Do you remember the idiom growing up… ‘what goes around comes around’? It really is about doing the right thing; treat people well; or go the extra mile for a stranger. Have we lost that in society today? When is the last time you did something wonderful for a stranger and expected nothing back in return?

I am always reminding my fourteen year old son that having good character is priceless. So what does ‘having good character’ mean to you?

Good Character is doing the right thing when no one else is looking!

That is a golden rule that we should all aspire to live by.