Have you ever ran a marathon? What about 50 marathons in 50 states?

Could you imagine running a marathon at the ripe young age of 73?

Meet 73-year-old John Maultsby.

Maultsby crossed the finish line in his 50th state earlier this month – in the state of New Hampshire. It was a celebration for sure – as his wife, mother, and three daughters were all there to witness that amazing moment! 

“It was really overwhelming, All the marathons I’ve run, I’ve never had a group cheering for me. I was figuring I was going to try to sneak in there and sneak out and get it done,” said Maultsby.

Even more startling – he didn’t run his first marathon until the age of 60.

Wow! So there is hope for most of us then. His daughter Mabel said that he started distance running in his late 50s – to help lower his blood pressure. Maultsby has run seven marathons this year alone, the Boston Marathon nine times, and plans to run marathons on every continent.


For 23 years, his goal was to get in good enough shape to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but he kept coming up short. Finally, when he turned 59, he became a vegan, lost some weight and tried once more. He qualified for Boston for the first time in 2003 and has since run it nine times – reports Today.

The Next Leap Forward

In a word PERSISTENCY. He never gave up. John Maultsby has determination.

Imagine freeing yourself to pursue your wildest ideas: What transforms an average idea into a great idea?

Every great idea has three stages, planning, execution and persistency.

Brink Thinking is that defining moment between you and your wild idea.

It’s a moment that will define who you are and separate you from all the cowards that are simply too afraid to step out of their average existence.



Here are ‘4 Tips’ for the road ahead:

1 – Look within your life for the most vulnerable areas of weakness. Take one item at a time and chart out a new course by listing three methods of improvement.

2 – Take one day a week and do nothing the usual way. Wake up at a different time, change your eating habits, drive a different way to work/stores, change your entire routine. No exceptions, force yourself to change every aspect of your daily habits.

3 – I find it most helpful to force myself to change up the environment and allow my mind to wander. Follow your mind wherever it wanders, this is the time to think of all the wild ideas you can muster. No restrictions here, don’t complicate matters with action steps and an overactive mind that tell you it can’t be done.

4 – Always consider all the possibilities. Look at each situation like a compass, there is a north, south, east and west direction. Your role is to find multiple answers to each situation – just like a compass – use all the possible directions available to you.

Have fun – and see you on the BRINK…